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Biography of Arata Hatanaka

Biography of Arata Hatanaka CTech RBD DID 


1972: Born in Yokohama, Japan


1998: Joined Interior Craft Inc.            

Participated honouring projects with master architects: Arthur Erickson/Nick Milkovich Architects, Bing Thom Architect, Russell Hollingsworth Architect,

Kiyoshi Matsuzaki Architect.


2002: Started ADA-arata hatanaka design atelier


2004: Joined Openspace Architecture Inc.            

           Further study in architecture with Don Gurney MAIBC while forming own

           space sense & design philosophy.


2009: RBD-Registered Building Designer

           Professional Recognition Granted at  

           ASTTBC (Applied Science Technologist & Technicians of BC)


At his young age, with a pen and paper in hand he never drew but always enjoyed creating form by folding, poking, tearing or twisting. Every construction site in neighborhood was his playground, every household repair was his enjoyment of knowing how things work and how its made. 

Since then, it is no more than natural path for him to be in and step further to the industry of design.  Through every project, not only attempting to achieve a new creation but also he is constantly striving to remain broad-visioned by "dare" to change the point of view or way of thinking in order to refocus on object & subject that been forgotten or missed, so that omnipresent concept of living / space / environment can be beyond and evolved.    

Arata Hatanaka - Registered Building Designer
Arata Hatanaka - Architectural Designer
ASTTBC - Applied Science Technologist and Technicians of British Columbia
Homebuilders Association Vancouver
ADA is A+ accredited business at Better Business Bureau
Canadian Home Builder's Association